Dr Jessica Gorbonos (Osteopath)

Dr Jessica Gorbonos (Osteopath)

Jess is a passionate and caring Osteopath who loves working with patients of all ages to help them achieve their health goals (no matter how big or small). 
Jess enjoys treating a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions, including neck and low back pain, and also has a particular interest in women’s health. 

Jess is enthusiastic about holistic health and wellbeing. She employs a range of manual therapy techniques and compliments them with education and rehabilitation. She is also qualified in dry needling. 

Outside of work, you can always find Jess outdoors whether it’s with her dog, at the beach or walking to her favourite Melbourne Cafes.

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Dr Rachel Longchar (Osteopath)

Dr Rachel Longchar (Osteopath)

Rachel has a strong interest in health and wellbeing and loves learning about the human body. In addition to being an osteopath, she also holds a Master of Public Health and has extensive experience working in community health, mental health and health promotion. 

She is a health advocate who is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to get back to the activities they enjoy following an injury, help those with chronic conditions to manage flareups and encourage everyone who is on a health journey to better understand their mind and body.

Rachel is passionate about empowering her patients to develop a better understanding of why they are experiencing discomfort, and to work with them to explore strategies and tools that would enable patients to independently manage their health. Each treatment with Rachel is individualised and can incorporate a variety of osteopathic techniques, health education, exercise rehabilitation and stress management. She is also qualified to use dry needling as an adjunctive therapy.

Currently, Rachel also provides osteopathic pain management services to residents in the aged care sector.

In her spare time, Rachel currently enjoys day hikes, reading historical fiction and memoirs, playing board games, and slowly learning another language. Like us all, she looks forward to being able to travel again.

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Dr Adam Sekler (Osteopath)Dr Adam Sekler (Osteopath)

Adam is passionate about helping others. He is a dedicated and caring Osteopath who tailors his approach to every individual’s need to help them on their journey to optimal health. Adam believes that being able to empower someone is the foundation for a successful outcome. 

Adam loves to constantly develop and upskill his arsenal of techniques and methods so that he can always provide the most suitable ways to treat his patients.

He enjoys treating people from all walks of life, whether it be someone with a sports-related injury, someone who work behind a desk or even someone with ongoing matters.

You will find Adam enjoying the outdoors, whether he is going for a walk or run and exploring new cafes and restaurants in his spare time.

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Dr Melissa Arnts (Osteopath)Dr Melissa Arnts (Osteopath)

Melissa’s love of health and physical activity is what drew her to the career of Osteopathy. Her passion for helping people through their various aches and pains is what drives her each day in clinical practice.

We have been lucky enough to have Melissa treating at our clinic for the last 7 years since graduating with a Masters of Osteopathy in 2013. We love the fun and energy she brings to the clinic and her holistic approach to health.

Melissa has undergone several professional development courses and has a keen interest in the area of Women’s health, in particular treating and supporting women throughout pregnancy and assisting their transition into motherhood. Melissa is also currently undertaking her Post Graduate Certificate in Women’s Health at the University of NSW.

Melissa is also qualified to use dry needling and often uses this as an adjunct to her treatment. Melissa uses a wide variety of techniques but believes that treatment should be individualised to the patients’ needs and preferences, and can be as gentle or direct as required.

Living locally in St Kilda means you will often see Melissa riding her bike through Albert Park on her way to work, and stopping off at the market for all of her fresh food.
On Maternity leave from June 16th 2021

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Dr Alli Van Ommen (Osteopath)

Dr Alli Van Ommen (Osteopath)
Alli founded Without Limits Health in 2011.  Alli's journey towards Osteopathy comes from a love of competitive sport and a fascination of how the body works. 

Without Limits Health was founded with a vision to share knowledge with people.  Education is a powerful tool and we use that at Without Limits to help you understand:
What is happening in your body, 
How we can help you &,
How you can help yourself.

Where there is water you will usually find Alli somewhere nearby, either playing Water polo, Surfing, SUP boarding or Ocean Swimming. 

"knowledge is the key to a healthy mind, body and soul, the only limits we have are the ones we create."  

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